I have brought new door handles for all my doors . When i have removed the first old handle and have gone to put on the new handle the hole that has been drilled in the door is to large for the new handles the base of the handle goes through the hole!!!
Rounded corner faceplate latches are quite popular. Door shops will most likely utilize a router jig to The bigger faceplate also helps to keep the latch steadily in position as it is held on by installing two Square corner faceplate latches are common on many high end door hardware manufacturers.
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Oct 18, 2020 路 The holes for the door latch and spindle can now be drilled (see Fig 2).Measure the diameter and length of the door latch. The majority of door latches are tubular so you only have to drill a circular hole using either a brace and bit or a battery/power drill with a suitably sized wood bit, or as I prefer, with a battery drill and hole saw, as I find this easier to control with regard to the ...